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About the Hindi Bible

Hindi is the official language of India with over 530,000,000 speakers in India alone.
It is also the 4th most spoken first language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish and English.
The Hindi Bible translation story started way back in 1726 when Benjamin Schultze a German Missionary arrived in India to establish an English mission.
The first ever translation of a Bible portion in Hindi was the book of Genesis.
Schultze’s translation of parts of Genesis was published in Halle in 1745 along with a grammar of the local Hindi language he had encountered in Madras.
Since then, Hindi bible translation went through a long history of various revisions by different scholars till the latest revision by The Bible Society of India in 1967.
The Hindi Bible exists in Print, audio and Braille version.

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Get involved

you can get involved in Hindi Bible Projects by contributing:
-Pray for India. That more people will come to know Christ.
-Pray for our translation work. That many more people will be impacted by the Bibles that we translate.
-Donate towards our work.

8She answered: Go. The maid went and called her mother.

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